Complete Baby Binder

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My family is so lucky to have my mom for my daughter’s daycare provider. My mom completed baby care logs to let me know how my daughter’s day was. I like them so much that I punched holes in them and made a binder as a keepsake.  I have since created printable pages for a more complete baby care log.  My complete baby care log package includes a title page to slip in the plastic sleeve of a binder with room to write in baby’s name and date of birth, an about baby page for important information, the actual baby care log page, a sick day care log, and a new food log.

The baby care log has room for diapers, feedings, baby’s mood, activities, tummy time, books read, notes, and supplies needed. The food log has plenty of room to write in new foods and to check off three days of baby eating that food before starting another new one. This ensures plenty of time between introduction of new foods to watch for allergic reactions.  Finally, the sick day care log has a place for medications, fluids taken in, fluids lost, temperatures, etc. These printables are designed to make your life easier and more organized. Once purchased, you print as often as you need. If you love this and want to complete your baby binder, click here!

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