Baby’s Sick Day Care Log

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There is nothing worse than your baby feeling poorly.  As parents, we so badly want to take away any pain and discomfort and feel helpless when we can’t.  And then there are the sleepless nights with your child spiking fevers and having difficulty sleeping because of their cough and congestion. At such a tender age, there are many medications that you or I could take for symptomatic treatment that are not safe for them.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel even worse for my daughter.

So we do what we can with the limited options we have.  It is so, so, SO very important to keep track of when the last dose of a medication was given. This is easy to miscommunicate with the stress of having a sick child and balancing work and other daily stressors. I threw together a daily care log for when baby is sick to help track medication dosages, fluid losses against fluid intake, fevers, symptoms, etc. Click here if you are interested in checking it out.  If you are concerned about dehydration, this would be a great thing to take to your child’s doctor appointment.

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