6 Reasons To Start an Apple Orchard Tradition

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I love Fall.  It is my most favorite season of all! That’s actually not true. I say that same thing about each turn of the season.  I’m always ready for the changing weather, the food that comes with each season, upcoming holidays, seasonal traditions, and even seasonal decorations and clothing.  If there was a decent paying career revolving around seasons, I would go for it!

I love Fall because of the crisp weather, pulling out my jeans and pullovers, boots, the beautiful trees, school starting, football, going to the pumpkin patch, chili, soup, hot chocolate, and so much more.  One tradition in my family is going to a local apple orchard and picking our own apples.   I have three go-to recipes that I make each year with the apples we pick.

This year, my daughter was 18 months old so was able to enjoy our apple picking adventure with us.  My daughter picked several apples and each one went directly to her mouth.  She loved them! We had to quickly take them away from her to prevent us from having a bite out of each of our 50 or so apples.   In the following days, she constantly had an apple in her hands with lots of little bites take out of it.  I love that she enjoys eating food that she has picked.

Make It a Tradition

Every family should make visiting an apple orchard a yearly family tradition.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. Time With Your Family: I love having yearly seasonal traditions. This gives me something to look forward to each and every Fall.  I love the memories we create with each tradition we have and I love focusing just on us and the task at hand, picking apples.
  2. Photography Opportunity: Don’t forget to take your phone or a good camera!  An apple orchard is a beautiful place to snap some pictures for a photobook.
  3. Learning Opportunity: My daughter is not old enough for this yet, but you could easily turn this into a learning opportunity.  Teach your kiddos where food comes from, about pollination and bees, the work that goes into growing the food they eat, and teach them to appreciate nature. There is so much value in all of this!
  4. Time With Nature: Our society is so fast-paced and technology driven, that we all need some time away from it.   Avoid taking your phone out unless it is your only camera source while picking apples. Enjoy your time with nature, with the trees, in the fall weather.   Take your time and let the other things go, if even for a half hour.  Lead by example for your children. Show them that technology is not everything. 
  5. May Save You Money: At my local apple orchard, I pay $10.00 for 20 lbs of apples. That’s only 50⊄ a pound! I have never ever seen apples for that price in a grocery store.
  6. Nutrition and Yummy Recipes: Apples are such a nutritious fruit. Locally grown apples taste so much better than what you can get in the store.  It doesn’t get any better than straight off the tree.  The Jonathan apples I pick are perfect for cooking.  


As I previously mentioned, I pick 20 lbs. of apples each year. Two huge bags. That’s a lot of apples for a family of three. We eat some of them whole but I use a lot of them in recipes.   Cooking apples into recipes makes your house smell so good! Another Fall favorite!  I have three go-to apple recipes that I make each fall after going to the apple orchard. I have already posted these recipes: Crock Pot Apple Butter, Homemade Applesauce, and Granny’s Apple Cobbler.  Try them and let me know what you think.  Oh, and use a tool like this one to make your life so much easier in prepping the apples.  I hope you consider making a trip to the apple orchard a yearly tradition.

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8 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Start an Apple Orchard Tradition

  1. The long-standing tradition here in Northern California is for families to take a drive out to gorgeous Apple Hill. There are wineries, bakeries, apple orchards and pumpkin patches. I’ve already gone once this season, but I’ll be returning again to enjoy the fabulous scenery and family feel of the whole area.

  2. Wow 20 lbs. of apples is a lot of apples! We always plan to go apple picking but never go. We should definitely do it this year 🙂

    • Oh no! That is sad. Maybe you should start an orchard. Could be a good moneymaker and help your state out a bit!

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