Never Settling Vs. Never Satisfied

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Are you someone who always needs a large, far-reaching goal in life?  Have you already met multiple long-term goals and dreams? Do others think of you as “crazy” or “never satisfied”?  If so, lets chat.

Change the Language

First of all, I don’t see you as a person who is never satisfied.   I see you as a person who is driven, who never settles.  You should never settle for less than what you are willing to work for.  There is a HUGE difference here.

A person who is never satisfied complains without actively trying to make changes for themself.   They expect things to come their way because of entitlement or luck of the draw.  This is very different from the person who never settles.

The person who never settles is someone who knows that they can earn more and work their way to the top.   Once they reach the top, they create an entirely new path or ladder to climb.   This person is driven, is ambitious, is a go-getter.   The never-settler likes to challenge themself, has a great work ethic, and knows that they can continually improve their abilities and gain new skills.

Second of all, I don’t like the term “dreamer”.  In my mind, a dreamer does just that, daydream about what they want or wish they could accomplish but never actually attain.  A never-settler is a doer, takes action, and makes goals a reality.  This is what you and I are.

Don’t Feel Guilty

I’ve been struggling with this lately.  I have a beautiful life.  I recently received my doctorate degree and am working full-time in my choice career, I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful and makes-me-laugh everyday daughter, I have a home, I am fed, I am clothed.  What more could I want?  Shouldn’t I be happy?

I actually am very happy. I love my life.  If everyday were like today for the rest of my life, I would die a happy and fulfilled woman.  I don’t need anything in my life to change.  It is just my nature to push myself beyond the boundaries.  I am tired of feeling guilty for creating new goals for myself and for my family.  By golly, I’ve worked my tail off to get where I am in life and if I want to change my goals or set new ones that I am willing to work just as hard for, then that is my prerogative.

Evolving Life Trajectory

If you are anything like me, every time you meet a milestone in life or turn a corner this influences your goals.  As my life has evolved, so too have my goals.

I graduated high school and wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives so I became a registered nurse.  As marriage was becoming a reality I knew kids would be coming eventually so I went to graduate school to become a nurse practitioner with the hopes of having nights, weekends, and holidays off work.  I became a mom and suddenly wanted to spend more time at home with my daughter but I also still need to feel successful in a career.  And finally, I graduated with my doctorate degree but unfortunately the timing was off for me to land my dream job.

All of these life events and experiences have helped shape my new goals in life.   You should not feel guilty about this either.  We change, evolve, and grow as we go through life.  This doesn’t make your goals wrong or outrageous. This makes you, well, you!

Go Forward with Your Goals, You Never-Settler!

I commend you for your drive and your hard work in life.  Don’t let the naysayers divert you from your goals.  Remember the difference between you and the “never-satisfieds”.   Stay on the path of positivity and most important of all, stay true to you.

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