Footprint LOVE Plaque

Are you looking for a cute idea for baby or toddler to make as a gift for the holidays? We made this cute plaque for Grandparent's Day and our family loved it. I love doing projects with my daughter's handprints and footprints. She's already growing up way to fast and I know I'll love looking back on how tiny her hands and feet used to be. Your loved ones are sure to adore this footprint LOVE plaque.

Rainy Day Sensory Play

Are you running out of indoor play ideas for cold and rainy days? Winter is coming and our warm days are limited. I love sensory play for indoor entertainment. We started using sensory play techniques with our daughter when she was just a couple months old. Here I introduce over 15 indoor sensory play ideas for infants and toddlers.

Why I’m Thankful My Child Does Not Behave Perfectly

I LOVE that my daughter does not behave perfectly all of the time! Do you think I'm crazy? Let me explain. I don't love disciplining my daughter, it breaks my heart. What I do love is that she has the opportunity to learn from mistakes and that there are consequences for her actions when she is in the safety of my care and those consequences are small.

Complete Baby Binder

My complete baby care log package includes a title page to slip in the plastic sleeve of a binder with room to write in baby's name and date of birth, an about baby page for important information, the actual baby care log page, a sick day care log, and a new food log. These printables are designed to make your life easier and more organized. Once purchased, you print as often as you need.